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Mecca of Fitness is the one-stop shop for all things fitness. We wanted to provide you with a Mecca to come to whenever you think about fitness. Looking for a personal trainer? Interested in starting a new workout routine? Need some new gear? Want to connect with other fitness-minded people? All of that and more can be accomplished at Mecca of Fitness, where we Live Life, Live Fit, and Live Long.

Anyone who fitness is for can join. Spoiler alert– that means EVERYONE! Mecca of Fitness is inclusive of all races, creeds, genders, sexualities, ages, and fitness levels. Come as you are to talk about how to transform your fitness.

Mecca of Fitness is here to deliver motivation and inspiration to energize your fitness journey. We believe achieving your health, fitness, and wellness goals should be a fun and rewarding experience. That’s why we created the first and most comprehensive fitness platform that allows you to do just that.

Mecca of Fitness is here to serve those of all races, creeds, genders, sexualities, ages, and fitness levels. We discriminate against no one, and we encourage everyone to create their own fitness and wellness journey.

We will NOT spam you or sell your information to third parties. We collect your email address in order to send you relevant content, such as the Mecca of Fitness eNewsletter or special offers for fitness-related items you’re specifically interested in. Any content our partners wish to send to you will be thoroughly vetted and then sent through the Mecca of Fitness email channel.

Yes, we have a presence on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube. We invite you to follow our accounts and engage with us whenever you can. Through social media, we deliver more guidance and resources to help you reach your fitness goals on your own terms.

Mecca of Fitness For Wellness

Yes. It’s our mission to help individuals of all backgrounds achieve total health of the body and mind. We believe those two foundations of life go hand in hand, which is why we’re proud to connect our users with both fitness AND wellness professionals.

Yes, we offer all kinds of fitness sessions or programs in a virtual format, which means you can chase down your fitness goals no matter where you are. On Demand, one-on-one, and live virtual group yoga classes are available for your convenience.

Yes, we offer all kinds of fitness sessions or programs in a virtual format, which means you can chase down your fitness goals no matter where you are. On Demand, one-on-one, and live virtual group yoga classes are available for your convenience.

Mecca of Fitness For Professionals

In addition to selling products or services directly through our platform, you or your brand should join Mecca of Fitness in order to get your message into the hands of individuals who are passionate about all things fitness. Mecca of Fitness members are your target audience. We connect fitness brands and professionals to individuals working toward fitness goals to create a community in which everyone benefits one another.

Yes. In fact, that’s what Mecca of Fitness is for—connecting fitness-minded people with all the tools, resources, and guidance they need to achieve their fitness goals. By partnering with Mecca of Fitness, you can show up in our search results, host virtual workouts or promote live events, and advertise yourself directly to the most appropriate audience. Click here to get started.

MeccaFit Kliques

MeccaFit Kliques are groups and forums you can join in order to talk about fitness! If there’s something you want to talk about, there’s probably a MeccaFit Klique for that– and if not, you can always create one yourself! MeccaFit Kliques is our community space. Think of it as one big hangout space where you can talk fitness all day, every day.

That’s precisely what MeccaFit Kliques is designed for! In addition to accessing expert advice and trending conversations, MeccaFit Kliques allows you to connect with like-minded individuals. That’s where you can share in your fitness goals and experiences, get motivated by those who share your desires, and connect with people just like you.

Yes, using the MeccaFit Kliques feature. This is where both fitness enthusiasts and professionals can connect, share, and join in discussions with one another.


Absolutely. We’re excited about the possibility of helping you connect with an entire community of fitness enthusiasts of all experience levels. Simply click here to visit our contact page, where you’ll find details on how to get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have for us.

You can join Mecca of Fitness as a member FOR FREE! All you have to do is join the Mecca of Fitness email list to get started. From there, you can take advantage of any and all Mecca of Fitness resources at your own pace. Browse oug blogs, search for fitness events near you, join a group workout, participate in fitness discussions, and more!

Mecca of Fitness makes money through two core channels. First, we sell subscriptions to brands and professionals who want to sell and promote products/services and host workouts through the Mecca of Fitness platform. Second, we sell advertising space on the Mecca of Fitness website. However, all advertisements and promotions are monitored by the Mecca of Fitness team to make sure it’s relevant to the goals and interests of our members.

After passing a thorough evaluation of your brand and products, your products can be made eligible for sale through the Mecca of Fitness shop. And depending on the subscription plan you choose as a Mecca of Fitness partner, you can then promote your products directly to Mecca of Fitness members. Click here to get started.

Workout Training

Not at all. With Mecca of Fitness, we give you total control over how you chase down your fitness goals. You can find a local group event one day, then grab your phone and join a live virtual workout the next. From On Demand training sessions to at-home workout guides to a search tool that shows you where to find the top local fitness resources, Mecca of Fitness is your one-stop shop for all things fitness.

The Mecca of Fitness shop is the perfect resource to purchase all your fitness equipment, attire, and any other resource you might need to achieve your fitness goals. We offer only the highest quality fitness products and we partner with the top names in the industry.

You’re in the right place! Mecca of Fitness is designed to help individuals of all skill and experience levels, so there’s a perfect path for your unique needs. You can begin by accessing our blog page, where you’ll find helpful tips and guidance to plan your fitness journey. Next, check out the MeccaFit Kliques, where you can share your progress with other novices like yourself OR get expert advice from seasoned fitness enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a gym, use the search tool on the website homepage. And if you’re looking for one-on-one coaching or workouts you can do from home, start right here.


We believe participating in live events with other like-minded individuals is a key component of reaching fitness and wellness goals. That’s why connecting you with live events in your area is such a prominent part of Mecca of Fitness. To find upcoming events near you, use the search tool on the homepage or click here to visit our events page.

To aid our members in their fitness endeavors, we deliver the Mecca of Fitness eNewsletter straight to your email inbox. That newsletter will include invitations to special events, special offers, fitness tips, and more. And when you sign up right here, you’ll get 10% off your first purchase in the Mecca of Fitness shop.

Yes! Whether you’re a brand hosting an upcoming event or a fitness enthusiast hoping to find a group of like-minded individuals to participate in a particular activity, you’re welcome to post the event for Mecca of Fitness members to find. Click here to add an event. If you’d like to advertise the event, click here to browse our advertising packages.

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